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Playground Rules

As per teacher, educational assistant and parental input, the following playground rules were created in order to encourage a safe playground environment:

  • Carry all balls to the playground
  • Eat lunch in the cafeteria and do not bring food to the playground after lunch
  • Food on playground during morning recess is allowed, but students are expected to throw trash in trash cans
  • Swings are for sitting, no standing
  • Slides are to be used feet first only
  • Rainbow bridge – no climbing, chicken fights or jumping off
  • Jump ropes – to be used for jumping only
  • Use only one hand for tag
  • Soccer – on grass only.  Only the goalie can use hands
  • Football – on grass only.  Two hand touch or flag (the game is over when the bell rings)
  • No toys from home or electronic devices allowed on school grounds
  • No throwing rocks, sticks or snow