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Homework & Testing

Should you have to take your child out during the school day, the following should be kept in mind:

  • At the teacher’s discretion, any missed class work may be given as make-up work upon the student’s return and the teacher will decide when it will be due.
  • Assigned homework will be a factor used by the teacher to determine a student’s proficiency and incomplete homework will negatively impact the student’s learning and skill development.


APS is required by NCLB to use standardized test to assess student achievement.  In elementary school these tests occur in third, fourth and fifth grade.

During the school year all children are assessed using different measures to monitor academic growth and progress.  If you or your child’s teacher feels your child needs extra support to enhance learning, you or the teacher may request a referral to the School Assistance Team.  The SAT will discuss interventions to implement in the classroom and make recommendations to families to increase a child’s success at school.  The student’s progress will be monitored once these interventions have been implemented.  A subsequent SAT meeting will take place to determine any further interventions or actions.